Take table football to the next level!

Create your league, grow the player base and rise to the top of the rankings.



Live gameplay recording

Office league user interface

Playing one-on-one or teaming up with friends? Easily record goals and scorer as the game progresses to the climax.

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Create your own league and invite your friends

app menu, create lague and league homepage

Create and manage your own league, and invite colleagues and friends to play.

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ELO-based player and team ranking

game score page, player info page, league page

Every goal matters. Player rankings are computed after each game. The top positions are never safe!

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About Office League

Officeleague.rocks is a free Progressive Web Application (PWA) built by Enonic. Office League is best experienced on modern Android phones, capable of providing cool new web capabilities such as offline support, full screen mode, add to start screen and more. New PWA features will be added to Office League continuously. Join our Slack channel to get involved.

Office League also serves as a technology demonstration of the Enonic XP platform. Office League is built entirely on Enonic XP, using XP services such as the Javascript App engine, NoSQL storage, Identity and CMS. Office League is available on Enonic Market.

The applications uses the Angular front-end framework. The back-end API is based on GraphQL. Social authentication is made by using the Auth0 IDprovider from Enonic Market. Full source code is available on Github. Enjoy!

- The Enonic team